Karma Chameleon

What is a karma chameleon and does it leave a stain? Isaac offers an equation so we can try to get a handle on this elusive reptile. Also, we learn a little about fairies along the way.

Produced by Isaac Bluefoot
Theme Music by Royal Jelly

Karma Chameleon Cover by Rose & Guild

Meta-Cosmos by Dragonflower Ink

Additional music:
Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
Milo’s Afternoon Snack by Lee Rosevere
Nocturne Opus 27 No 2 by Podington Bear
Tra-la-la by Podington Bear
Instant Karma by John Lennon
Snowmen by Kai Engel
Back to Bulgaria by Lee Maddeford
Le Petit Jardin with Les Gauchers Orchestra by Lee Maddeford
Question and Answer by Lee Rosevere

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